Ladyboy Tata - Hoodie & 3 Cumshots Bareback

Tata is wearing a nice see-through red dress with sparkles and she leaves a lot to the imagination, but also helps it a bit by revealing her nice shapes from time to time. She comes slowly on the bed and grabs my dick sensually, rubbing it with both her hands and teasing me with her mouth so close to it. After a few strokes, when she sees me so eager, she puts her entire mouth on it and swallows it entirely. It's so warm and moist, I wish she could hold her mouth on my cock forever. Tata is a true cocksucking professional, she doesn't neglect any parts of it and makes it so hard, I didn't knew it's possible. Now it's ready to pound her ass! She bends over nicely and spreads her tight hole, inviting me in! I am not wasting any time, I put my tip in slowly and push it all the way until I can feel the firm touch of her ass cheeks on my skin. Damn, this round ass bouncing from me fucking it bareback is a rare hot view. I just love to see her tattoo jiggling with every thrust. She gets on top of me and starts riding me like a horse, while grabbing her dick and rubbing it hard. I am unable to hold it any longer, it's too hot. She feels my cum coming up, gets in her knees and takes it all in her mouth. First one down. Now it's time for her to make her dong spurt, on the bed, for me to see all that lovely mess. Another round of cum in the room, lovely. But I want more! She puts her mouth to work again and makes my dick hard once more, spreading over the bed and having me fuck her hardcore again, just to fill her ass and splash my juice all over her soft skin, on her balls and cock, both shivering with pleasure. 3 cumhsots with this gorgeous babe.

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