Ladyboy Swan - Tight Jeans Big Cock Bareback

Swan steps down on the stairs, dressed in a pair of extremely tight jeans. A tight brown blouse, just perfect aligned on her slender body. She starts taking them down slowly, but only until she sees my erection growing fast with expectation, which makes her drop her clothes fast and jump with her mouth between my legs. Her smile somehow made my cock even harder. Swan takes it all in her mouth without the slightest hesitation, pushing her throat down on it balls deep and making it extremely moist. Her dick is up now and she wants to play with it. Just for a little bit, then she comes back on mine and gives it the best treatment ever. It's throbbing hard now and ready to pound her sweet round ass! She bends over on the couch and I push the tip slowly, hearing her moan and pushing back so more of it will enter. I can't resist the sight of her ass cheeks spread like this and with my cock between them, I have to get it all in and enjoy this tight pleasure hole. She takes it with moans and helping me to have it all in. But it needs to be even more slippery, so Swan turns back and sucks it more, leaving it in a gorgeous saliva mess so I can fuck her bareback more. This time on her back, while she rubs her dick frantically following my cock pushing her ass. Boy, this girl sure can scream! Another round of dick sucking before she rides me like a stallion, jumping with her ass on my cock to the point I think she wants to break it. But she just wants it deep in her ass. She turns back so I can see her dick slapping my belly, and when I say I'm gonna cum, like a good girl she sits on her knees and takes my full load in her mouth, with a big smile on her face.

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