Ladyboy Swan - Hung White GF Dress Bareback CIM

Swan is wearing a nice see-through short white dress, and she's giving me a glimpse of her cute face in the mirror. She sees my eyes locked on her ass cheeks, nicely visible under the dress' skirt and she smiles, starting to slowly move sensual left and right, to arouse me more. She takes off her high heels shoes and lifts the skirt up. Damn, she has no panties! And that means I get a clear juicy shot at her spread ass and big cock dangling down. She bends over and waits for me to pull out my rock hard dick and push it in her ass, full throttle, no waiting. As I bang her ass bareback, she hold on the mirror table and I can see her face, smiling and biting her lips from the pleasure. She grabs her cock and accompanies me in the fun! On push of mine means one stroke of hers. It slips out for a second, but she quickly grabs it and shoves is back in her hole, not letting me stand aside for a second. I love her kinky face she makes in the mirror while fucked like crazy from behind. I grunt and push as hard as I can, but this minx wants a taste of my cock and her hole. She kneels down and sucks hard on the tip of my dick, like she wants to detach it. Damn! Dress goes down, she pushes me over, oils up my cock and licks the warm juice from it with all her hungry mouth. Her dick is still being played with! My cock is all wet and hard but her mouth is relentless. I've never been sucked like this, it's fucking insane. She bends over, and this time I rock that ass so hard, you'd think I'm a virgin. Seeing her all spread up in doggy style, from my POV looks amazing and I just wanna hold this ass around my cock as much as possible. She feels me throbbing harder, close to cum. "Come here" she says. The taste of my cum is a necessity for her pretty mouth! She jumps on my dick once more, accelerating in pushes, then gets on her back and makes me fuck her fast until I almost cum. But no, not like this. On her knees, Swan takes the entire load of cum on her tongue, happy and satisfied.

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