Ladyboy Nan - Futuristic Fuck Bareback

Nan came from the future, in a silver body suit from one piece, filled with holes and so tight around her hot body, that it's almost useless. Those holes are right where they should be, letting her bare ass breathe and ready for a deep fuck any time. The zipper can't hold her round tits, so she had to pull it down. There's plenty of space for her to pull out her cock and play with it also, so kudos for that. On top, Nan has some dick sucking techniques that are out of this world, perhaps she really traveled from the future where she learned something new? I am not complaining though, seeing her dipping my cock in her mouth, full length and enjoying the hard shaft sliding on her tongue. She doesn't pull the suit down, but she bends over on my cock and pushes her ass on it right away. This suit is great! After a few hard pounds inside her bare ass, it's time to have another taste of dick before plunging on the bed and spreading her legs for me. She takes a cock in her ass like a champion, even it's a bit big to fit easy in her tight hole. But it feels so damn good, I'm not stopping for even a second to give her a breather! And, since she's pushing back, it seems that she just love her ass filled with cock and penetrated so far, she could grab it from her belly. Her pretty mouth is cleaning my cock in a second and keeps it harder than the bedframe we're rocking right now! When she rubs our cocks together, the warmth and strength of hers drive me nuts and I wanna fuck her again. She jumps on my cock and rides it hast, jerking off at the same time and, surprise! She dumps her white load on my stomach, with a happy face. As a rewards, we go at another round of dick pushed in her mouth, before turning that perfect ass around and pounding it bareback once again. Even though I wanna cum so bad inside her, after she sucks me again and I fuck her in missionary with her legs wide open, she sits like a good girl she is on her knees, mouth open and receives my cum with satisfaction. That is how you do it in the future, right?

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