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Thai Ladyboy Natt - Thick Rod Stroking

As Natt poses in her girlfriend dress with sheer lace covering her thighs you'll be immediately taken in by her beauty. But the real reward is once Natt strips down her to small white string pantie and bra top. Natt's body is INCREDIBLE. Big full tits on a slim frame and a cock that can't stop popping from the top of her panties. Especially since she likes to tickle and tease her own asshole while stroking. Natt slides her slim fingers up and down her cumfilled shaft, relishing each throb of her own cock. She want's to hold back but is too excited knowing she's being watched. Natt's squirts her tasty nectar from her cock tip while her foreskin gently slides up and down. With her cock empty Natt plays with her sticky load between her fingers.