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Mos and Meme - 3 Way Bareback Heaven

This is a true fantasy come to life. Two hot Ladyboy babes dressed in sexy fantasy wear and eager to get their hands on me. Curvy Mos is a pink kitty and her sister Meme is a hot little maid with bunny ears. Mos and Meme begin touching each other and sucking each other's nipples. They next take turns toying each other's asses with a glass butt plug. Then they take hold of me and begin devouring my cock and balls in their mouths. I lie down to get the most out of all this oral delight. I am simultaneously kissed, sucked, rimmed, and jacked off. Mos fingers my ass and pushes her ladyboy cock inside while Meme sucks away at my cock. Next a three-way oiled up frotting session ensues. I then lie Meme on her back and push my bare cock into her oiled up little asshole while Mos sucks and licks at her tits. Meme pops off a gooey load of cum as I fuck her. Next I begin fucking Mos on her back as Meme works at Mos' huge tits with her tongue. Then Mos climbs onto my cock and rides until she cums while Meme licks at my nipples. Both of these hot Ladyboys then lie side by side on their backs, legs up over their heads and ready for me to make a deposit of sperm into their eager holes. I stroke until I shoot a big load into Mos' ass and I fuck it into her a little. I then put my still cumming cock into Meme's ass and finish the creampie inside of her. After all of this fun, I watch Meme squat to piss in the shower followed by Mos standing and pissing right after her.