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Ladyboy Lee - Vinyl Booty Short Creampie

Slender Ladyboy Lee is reclining on the couch wearing a purple tanktop and tight vinyl booty shorts. She undoes her bra under her shirt and sets it aside. Bent over on the couch, she lowers her shorts showing her little buns and tight asshole. The POV gets in close and licks her hole. Next, the guy sits on the couch and has Lee sit on the floor between his legs and suck his cock. She licks and sucks his shaft slow and steady while she strokes him and cups his balls. Next, he stands up over her as she continues working his cock and balls. Now in the bedroom, Lee slides off her shorts and the POV oils her up asshole. The POV pushes his bare cock into Lee's hole and fucks her on her back. Next, Lee straddles him and rides his cock fast until cums. As he cums, his cock pops out of her hole and Lee puts it back in to ride it more. Then she sucks on the cock from her ass until she spurts a white load on herself.