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Thai Ladyboy Kita = Double Creampied Blindfold Nurse

Completely blindfolded, Kita doesn't care who cums inside her easy ass. She's fitted with a nurse Cosplay outfit with restraints and without seeing is fully focused on the pleasure her asshole receives. First her mouth is used and easily passes the deepthroat test. Her tongue generously licks the pov guys ass in a hot rimjob session making sure it's completely clean. Next is Kita's spread ass. She holds her buns wide open ass a raw cock passes through her o-ring and snugly in her rectum. It's time for her protein injection and a creampie shoots inside her ass and pushed inside. But this session isn't finished. Kita is fucked more and cums all over herself. The dick slides from Kita's ass and back into her mouth. Letting her taste the mixture of her assjuice and sperm. After she savors the flavor Kita rides on top for a second creampie deep inside her gaped ass. Her asscheeks are held open and the two loads drip from her slutty bowels. Plenty of re-insertion shots as Kita is fully loaded with man cum and loves every moment of the dirty pleasure. Editors note: The photo set is very short due to a corrupted memory card.