Ladyboy Touk - Ever Hard & Bottomless Bareback

I watch Touk as she comes on the bed like a feline, slowly taking down her blue bikini "LOVE" outfit in front of me. She's just teasing me with the panties dropped, her ass in my face and turning over to rub her cute dong. I let her have her fun until I whip out my hard cock and she doesn't waste any more precious seconds far from me, oiling it up and starting it to rub it slowly. This girl's hands are so soft and firm at the same time, I could just blow my load like this, in her face, right now! Her cock sucking talent along with her jerking off make my dick so hard, I wanna push it in her ass. She kneels down, takes another load of cock in her mouth like a good girl, then spreads over on the bed and lets her ass gapped by my cock, fully pushed in and sliding from the oil with so much ease. She loves the taste of cock after it's been in her ass and she wants even more ass gaping, but from behind. I turn her over and fuck her bareback with no mercy, throbbing in like a virgin on the first fuck, savage. After I make her moan like a porn star, she must have more cock in her mouth! I lift her up and let her ass slide on the dick again, facing me and with her cock up in the air. After a few more thrusts, she wants a bit of ass around her dick and I let her pound me for a bit and cum on my balls. After all, guess who's gonna lick that cum right away...

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