Ladyboy Emmy - Swallowing Geisha Bareback Babe

Being the perfect bareback concubine describes Emmy to a T. Her body is AMAZING, face flawless and in amazing lover in bed. Emmy is wearing a sheer Geisha outfit with micro panties and shiny heels. Emmy unbuttons her top and tanned tits pour out. Emmy strips completely out of her outfit but keeps the heels. A waiting big Farang POV dick waits for her. Emmy's slick hand pumps the shaft as her mouth goes to work. Wet from spit and Emmy's swirling tongue the dick is ready to enter this immaculate dickgirl. Emmy is fucked doggystyle and missionary, making sure to give extra ATM attention between positions. Emmy pumps her erection as her asshole gapes big. Emmy frots both their cocks together, then gets on cowgirl. It's a beautiful sight seeing Emmy's hard cock point straight up as her ass engulfs the entire 9" dick. One more position then Emmy jumps off to welcome the POV's popshot with her beautiful lips.

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