Ladyboy Ally - Iron Maiden Dual Cumshot HJ

Ally spurts a gooey load and milks a POV cock wear the shirt of her favorite metal band. Ally's cock bulges in tiny green panties and long slim legs in high heels and and stockings. Using plenty of oil, Ally squirts both her's and the POV's dicks and rubs them together in slippery frottage action. Ally's eyes roll back in lust as she gives a sloppy blowjob. Her slender fingers massage the shaft while her tongue and spit coat the oiled rod. Ally puts her hair up and shows off her puckered hole. She can't wait to cum and strokes both her's and the POV's dick at the same time. Ally is so turned on playing with cock she UNLOADS her sticky sperm onto the POV's throbbing cock. Using her sperm as lube Ally quickly makes the pulsating cock erupt it's own load. Ally makes sure to have a taste as the last bit of cum are milked from the emptied cock.

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