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Ladyboy Naomi - GF Dress No Panties Bareback CIM

Naomi shows she's not wearing panties outside, then goes inside for a big cock! It's a flowing pattern sundress Naomi is wearing and her cute cock swings around underneath. Naomi pulls up her dress for a peek-a-boo of cock and spread ass. She walks back inside and straight into bed. Off comes the dress and you can see Naomi's big tits and her nervousness when seeing a big cock for the first time. Will it fit? Naomi first measures it with her hand, griping the shaft of the POV dick. Her mouth automatically gravitates towards it, licking and sliding as much inside as possible. Now it's the true test, seeing if that monster can fit inside Naomi's ass. Naomi bends over on the bed and tingles in anticipation. The cock comes close and the tip presses against Naomi's ultra tight sphincter. With a little extra push the tip pops past the tender anal ring. Naomi can't believe it and relaxes her as it slides deeper than anything she's ever experience. It's painful pleasure as Naomi is trained. She's at her limit and then lays back missionary. Naomi's asshole is stretched and puffy. It's an open target for the POV cock and it's back inside. Naomi handles the big cock well. Her large tits shake and black fishnet stockings in the air. She is ready to try cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, stopping in the middle for a little ass-to-mouth action. The POV cock is lodged deep inside as Naomi pumps on her own she-cock. Naomi spurts her load, amazed at what she can now do anally. To show her appreciation Naomi drops to her knees and presents her mouth for cum. The POV guy responds by jizzing all over Naomi's tongue. The cum drips from her mouth onto her big Ladyboy tits.